Forgiveness During Eidul Mubarak

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Forgiveness During Eidul Mubarak

By : BroHamzah

Today I attempt to write in English. It’s very hard task for me.. My English is very poor and I try very hard to increase my mastering in this language. So, if all for you see or “terperasan” some writing mistakes please tell me.

Eidul Mubarak

It’s a week after Hari Raya Eidul Fitri and until know it’s all lot of “rumah terbuka” or open house are still in full swing.

But the first thing to do when we arrive at someone’s house is to give a salam at your hosts. What is salam? Salam, in Arabic, means peace. In Kamus Dewan dan Pustaka may define it as a handsake. But for me it give more deeper meaning. It more than just a symbol of friendship.

During Eidul Mubarak, salam signifies the act of seeking and granting forgiveness. It no just as a Malay culture. But It’s a Ibadah. We do it sincerely for saking of Allah SWT. Among men, salam is a firm handsake with the right hand and in rare case, a hug follows. ( It’s actually, called salam sunnah). Women, on the other hand, salam with both hands and they would hug their siblings, relatives or close friends. But your must do this salam with a syara manner. We can salam to everyone who is same gender and mahram with us only.Remember it.


But the most touching and beautiful in salam, is between the young and their elders, where it is almost mandatory for the former to kiss the hands of the latter as a sign of respect. And no, you don’t pull up their hands to your lips. Instead, you bow low while kissing their hands.

I think salam is a beautiful gesture for both parties. It’s almost as if one is saying “I’m sorry for everything I have done”. And other party replying : “ I forgive you and I am sorry too.”By seeking forgiveness, we let go our pride and admit our faults because we are only human. And by forgiving another, we let go of our emotional baggage and realise that anger isn’t something worth living with.

Lastly, Eidul Mubarak is such a happy occasion because disputes are forgotten as all come together to celebrate. Friendships are renewed, family ties are strengthened and differences are shelved..and what a wonderful felling that is.

To my friend, Sir Fadhli Md Diah.You can check and give a mark for me.Hehe


Nuha Hashim February 22, 2010 at 9:23 AM  

it's really good as you wanna to try.. especially you are now a role model for the new generations.. and english medium is absolutely important.

Can I leave a critic?

mm..sincerely, your way in writing clearly can be signed as 'bm ditranslatekan ke english', I mean,you thought in malay before you translated it to be english..

To produce the best way of english writing is when you can think and the ideas burst out in english. May be we can call it as english minded..

anyway, keep moving forward big brother..

hehe actually my english is not as smart as my sister..

Unknown May 19, 2010 at 11:44 PM  

for me, your post is not too bad as long it still can understand by readers..

try and fail but, do not fail to try..

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